insidious addons that embed themselves in my money site when i built it. how do i get rid of them? who allows this to happen and why?

I built a business website over the weekend and one praticualr addon that was embeded in a browser update, attached its own marketing campaign into words and phrases I used in my website the coupons that pop up take the reader away from my site. In my opinion this is insidious leach like advertisnig that undermines ethical marketing and craps on the business site attempt at making an honest living. The info you provide to remove these little monsters is vague. My OS is windows 7 and you go in depth only for windows XP. So who benefits for allowing YELLOW MOXI to attach its coupons like a tick to a dog, without permission, without offering compensation, and like a tick, is a bitch to extract. if you care for real please contact me so i can better understand the whats, whys, and hows to my problem. this is dire. its slowing down my online business and that IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. You can reach me at One way or another with or without your help, I will resolve this and if that means not using firefox anymore then so be it, and I will blast my experience everywhere on social media platforms, forever. Believe me....

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