posted by DavMe 5 years ago
Printing long web page to Adobe Acrobat (or Primo PDF) fails and hangs at 48%

I'm using Firefox 18.0.1 and was viewing an html web page report that is essentially a large table. When printed, it is 28 pages. I printed to the Adobe PDF driver (I'm using CS6 so this is the latest Acrobat XI) it became stuck at 48% and, after waiting 30 minutes just for grins, I had to kill the browser. I tried again and it hang in the same place. I tried printing to my backup and good old standby, the Primo PDF printer driver and it had the same issue. I then launched IE9 and it printed without any problem so it points to Firefox.

I've worked around the issue, but wanted to get this in the discussion queue in the hope that it can pop on the radar and get fixed.

I am able to reproduce the issue at will, so let me know if there is any testing you need done.