I have Firefox 18.0.1 and when I click "Check to see if plugins are up to date", I get an uresponsive script warning.

When I click the link "Check to see if plugins are up to date" at the top of the Add-ons Manager page, it opens a new page like normal. The new page displays everything but the plugins and their status. The page just sits waiting for the status results to populate. If I try to click anything at this point, the page freezes and I see a message at the top of the window that Firefox has become unresponsive. If don't click and wait about 60 seconds, I get a "Warning - Unresponsive Script" message. I also see the following information with this warning: Script: https// This first happened yesterday, after accidentally removing Java from my PC - I think it was Java 6. When I tried to access Java downloads to re-install, I got the same unresponsive script message. So, I had to access Java downloads with IE instead of Firefox, and I re-installed Java (version 11, update 11). Has Java caused my problem? Should I attempt to find Java 6 and install it?

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