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Cannot Log in


Dear Sirs. I am experiencing the below problem.

I have formated my laptop. I was using firefox before and I am absolutely sure I saved my passwords and bookmarks by creating an account. Username either jkennis or jkennis@gmail.com My registered mail is jkennis@gmail.com I am trying to restore bookmarks and passwords but it seems there is no account with my data in mozilla page. i am absolutely sure I created one. Can you please help me?

Thank you very much

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thank you for your answer. maybe I did something wrong, or I do not explain well. I have formatted my pc. all data stored now gone. what I did before formatting was signing up with firefox synch. It gave me the impression that this would save me on the mozilla server my bookmarks and that I would restore/import them again by singing in. Is there such an option? Did I understand wrongly? Thank you again.


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Sorry, I know nothing about Sync. I have no need for it. I save backup copies of files I want to preserve on USB flash sticks.

Question owner

No problem Thanx a lot anyway!