posted by liong 5 years ago
Experiencing lag when sorting Bookmarks in Library window.

I started using a Mac in July 2012 so I've had whatever the latest version of Firefox there was at the time up until what I'm using now (Firefox 18). I'm still experiencing the same problem with sorting my bookmarks since then. I've never had this problem in Windows.

When I go to "Bookmarks" and then "Show All Bookmarks," the "Library" window appears with all my bookmarks. When I want to sort my bookmarks (sorting meaning either moving them up and down in the same folder, moving bookmarks into other folders, renaming bookmarks, etc), I might be able to sort a few and then when I want to move on to the next thing to sort, it usually hits me with a moment of lag (approximately 3-5 seconds) and eventually it'll allow me to move again. The lag only affects the "Library" window because I can browse on websites while the lag is occurring. It occurs pretty often whenever I'm sorting through my bookmarks.

Any help would be great! Thanks.

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