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Is there any way to import bookmarks from Camino?


iMac running Snow Lepard 10.6.8, all bookmarks are currently in Camino browser and Camino isn't functioning any more. It's a Mozilla browser so why isn't a choice to import from into Firefox? Or is there another way to access my Camino bookmarks?

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Hello SueC3, see if it is possible to create a new camino profile and open camino, then copy files from your old profile across to your new profile (details in the previous link). if that is possible then you can export your camino bookmarks to HTML file (from File menu, Export Bookmarks) and then import to Firefox ( Import Bookmarks from an HTML file )

thank you

ohlsonmh 0 solutions 2 answers

If I knew how to do what was suggested, I would not need the help.

Would it be possible to just SAY HOW to do it?

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Hello ohlsonmh, it is in the above link, post here also: http://wiki.caminobrowser.org/QA:Creating_a_New_Profile_and_Salvaging_Files_from_Your_Old_Profile

thank you

ohlsonmh 0 solutions 2 answers

Thanks for the prompt reply, which may work.

Some of us came to computers late in life and don't know all this stuff.

Sorry to be abrupt, but I have happily used Camino for a long time and began getting Snarky auto-responses from the likes of Flickr & Hotmail about my outdated browser and so, finally had to change ("upgrade") my OS and spend hours just finally getting ANY browser other than Camino to work, only to be led down the garden path again just to use my bookmarks.

So, I get frustrated. I also remember not too long ago, if you tried any other browser, one of the first things you saw was a place to click to import your bookmarks from another browser.

I'll try to follow these instructions even though many of the terms in it are in essence, meaningless to me.

I DO thank you, though - the failures are mine  ;-)

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Some of us came to computers late in life

we all came late somewhere.... please don't be sorry

the failures are mine

it is not a failure