How do I install a utube tool bar-Allow, Install, then Continue-required for me to register with utube.

I'm trying to register on UTube. These are requirements for me to register on UTube before I can explore UTube for the music I am seeking. (This is the first time I have seen the requirement for me to sign in on UTube.) It seems that I need to indicate "Allow" for Firefox to allow me to proceed with the UTube Registration. All instructions are given on the page showing to click on "Allow", and "Install", and then "Continue." However I can't seem to locate where you actually click on each of these. I'm unable to do it on the page that this information is shown. it shows the steps, but I'm unable to locate where to actually click on each of these steps, starting with "Allow."

Please inform me of the process I need to follow. (I am functional on the computer but know very little about computer processes, etc.)

Thank you,

Bill Salzer

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