We had a lovely opening, largely blank page that had the little fox logo and above it, a search block, I want it back.

I called our ISP (Exede/WildBlue) about problems with connections and speed. My wife tells me I should have expected this, but their "help" - a woman with an accent that was decidedly Indian - told me it was because of Firefox. I followed her directions, and now I have the same problems with connections and speed, but my start page is gone. It was largely a white page, with a search block in the center and the little fox/world logo below it. There was a bar across the top that had a pull down for accessing certain (I guess frequently-used) sites. That's still there, but the search block no longer offers what I had typed in previously.

I am hating this "help" person. I am pining away for my old start page. What do I do?


Dave Walker

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