Need Java 7,11 Activated

I NEED Java for my job, I have no choice. Since Apple's Java update early last year which messed everything up I've had to use Firefox.

I have the most current update according to Oracle, Java 7, Update 11. I was working this morning just fine and then all of the sudden Firefox tells me it's unsafe and presents a box to Activate or not. I clicked Activate. Nope. I go to the Add-ons Manger which tells me my plug in is known to be vulnerable. Nothing I do will allow me to activate Java in Firefox.

Dear Mozilla folks, for this work I use a Mac that has nothing else on it. If it get's hacked, I'll restore it and start over, I'll take responsibility for that. There are no further updates I can apply and I surely cannot wait until Oracle decides to patch it again. Come on!

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