I use FIREFOX latest version 18.0 and has been receiving this TOKEN error several times in a day.

This is happening since FIREFOX was updated to 17.0 and is the same post up-gradation.

I searched for solutions but everyone says to clear Yahoo Cookies from TOOLS>OPTIONS>PRIVACY>Remove Individual Cookies. Then it works fine.

Recently getting this Error too: Yahoo! Mail found the original email, but encountered problems displaying it. Please try again later. This is only on FIREFOX

Moreover many Add-ons |REAL PLAYER | AVG | SKYPE| AND MANY MORE are Disabled in newer versions of FIREFOX. But Why?

Please help me in resolving these Errors at the earliest.

Thank you.

P.S. I like FIREFOX but you are making me Switch to a different Browser may be CHROME. SAD to see how FIREFOX is Behaving since since past many months.

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