Firefox 18 makes browser go BLACK!

I'm running Firefox 18 on my mac OSX 10.6.8. Today I started noticing my firefox browser will go completely BLACK when I use it randomly. I thought it was at first just youtube videos, but as I visited normal sites with no videos, it still happens! The whole goes black including the back/foward buttons menu bar area at the top. The only part that doesn't black out is the top line that has the minimize/maximize/quit buttons at the corner. I tried deleting history/cookies/cache and quitting Firefox as a whole but nothing works. I disabled my addons and that didn't work too and I'm sure they aren't the issue because I've been running Firefox 18 for a few days now and it just now suddenly occurred. Firefox 18 is pretty much unusable, because as I was trying to google search how to fix this problem, it blacked out on me again, so I'm having to use Safari temporarily. Please help me!

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