New computer, fresh install, copied old profile, try to use: "A profile with this name already exists. Please choose another name"

I am setting up firefox on a new computer. I have long forgotten my sync password, so I have my old profile.

Install firefox. Start up. Some mumble.default profile is created. Load profile manager extension, go to the profile manager. Delete the old profile. Copy my profile(s) from old computer's backup to new computer data. Now create a new profile.

I cannot make a profile named "default"; I'm told that a profile with this name already exists. Attempting to select an existing folder does not help.

Exited firefox. Spent a few minutes searching on the web. Apparently, what I am supposed to do is, instead of bringing my entire old profile folder over, I am supposed to replace the contents of the new profile folder with the contents of the old profile folder.

Well, that's a surprise.

Lets start up firefox, and go back to the profile manager.

Err, I can't. "Your firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."

How do I proceed? I have attempted reinstalling firefox. No help.

Windows 7.

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