A website has captured my husband's Firefox; it can't be closed except by restarting PC. Subsequent Firefox restart goes to same place. Help!!!

The website claims to be a survey about Fox News. The full URL exceeds the URL window. The website takes over Firefox -- it can't be closed, and no Firefox commands work. The Firefox window can't be killed by Task Manager. I can't clear the cache or history from Firefox because it is already possessed by this demon. (Note: My husband is blind, and his screen reader -- JAWS -- can't handle this bizarre behavior, so I'm involved. He has no idea how he first got into this predicament.) Note: He is running Windows 7 (64 bit), and I believe the latest version of Firefox -- it updates automatically. My next idea is to uninstall and reinstall Firefox. Will that kill the cache? (good) the Bookmarks? (bad!!)

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