Firefox goes black, works with page info up can't seem to fugure out the problem

So Firefox boots up normally but crashes the second I try typing something in the search bar of Google by going black. I can however right click and select "view page info" it works fine there after, as long as the page info window is up. It works fine in safe mode. I've tried: -Disabling all of my add-ons and plug-ins (etc). -Re-installing Firefox. -Uninstalling flash. -Updating plug-ins. -Restarting computer. -Scanning for malicious software

  ....and every combination I can think of and the window still goes black.  I'm stumped.
  The only real clue I think I've got is when I reinstalled Firefox the first time I maintained all my personal settings and the screen when black like it normally does.  However when I uninstalled Firefox and java and flash and did not save my personal settings the browser worked... but only for a little while after some activity.
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