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How to find lattest firefox version available? Maybe make history versions available too?


After upgrade addon is no longer working. I want to check the version available for download and I can not find one. I know I can start download and I will be able to guess version from file name, but this is not good way. Is there an easy way to find available version? If not, can you please provide it. On related subject it would be nice to have access to older versions without going in trouble finding hidden site to download it from FTP. If I am looking for it, I know the risks of using old version.

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The lates release of Firefox is listed at www.mozilla.org which is Firefox 18.0 and if you prefer to choose a certain local or OS then click on the Systems & Languages under green download button link.

The main reason why older releases are not so visible is because they are usually behind on security fixes and can be vulnerable. http://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/

Firefox 18.0 has security fixes that Firefox 17.0/17.0.1 lacks for example and while the ESR channel builds meant for Enterprise users (like 17.0esr) does have security fixes, it may not get all.

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My point is that you can not see number of latest version. You can download, but you can not see it till you install it. That is inconvenient.

The reason why ask for older version to be accessible is because I can not use new version. Addon that I need does not work therefore I can not use new version. It is not that I do not like security updates. Simply there is no way to use new version. My only option is to find old version or not use it all.

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James thanks for replay anyway ;)

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What is this Addon? a Plugin or a Extension? and what name/version.

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It an extension Greasemonkey and few scripts. I am not sure where problem is, but moving back to older version of Greasemonkey solves the problem (I did not notice that there was new version of Greasemonkey released few days ago and it got updated after update of Firefox). I fine with it for now :). However, my question still stays the same: why there is no version number on the download site and it would be nice to have access to older versions too :). Is there other ways to ask for feature on this web site?

p.s. I know there is a bug list for Firefox, but my request has nothing to do with it. Is there a wish list for website?