Java usage after Firefox updates

It seems like every time Firefox updates, my Java won't work on some of the games I play on It brings up a sign telling me to install Java, which I have and which is up to date. I clear my caches, make sure I have the latest Java version, delete older versions, and in the end, just don't go to sites/games that it is having problems with. Why does this happen? I've heard of the problems with the Java 7 version, and tried to go to the older version, but it still doesn't work. Then, when I went to the Mozilla site, it told me that Java has been blocked and to click on the block in the top corner to enable it for trusted sites. I don't have a "lego" block anywhere that I can click on, and in my add-ons page, it shows that Java is enabled. I'm getting extremely frustrated with this happening every time Firefox updates!

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