My laptop crashed and now I want to import all my synced bookmarks on my tablet to my new laptop.

My android tablet have all my old desktop bookmarks and I want to synd them (export them) to my new computer. I understand I need the recovery key, but I dont have it saved and onviously cant get it out of my old computer. about:synckey isn't working on my tablet, it says it won't install since the addon is not working on my version 18 firefox. There was a modified about:synckey supposedly working for firefox 17, but with the file ending ipx I'm not sure how to get it to work.

I've also tried exporting the bookmarks to an html file. However, one app took the bookmarks from the standard web browser, another one exported only the history.

Is there someway to get the desktop bookmarks to synd with my new computer? Either to get the recovery key or managing to export the bookmarks?

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