Problems with saved passwords missing

I am running Firefox 18.0 on a Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5. Recently, I tried to export my saved logins/passwords to KeyChain Access. I went to Security under Firefox. Even though I did not check "Obfuscate Passwords", it did so. It gave me a now useless XML file. I tried to import them to Keychain but they did not upload. When I went to look at "View Saved Passwords", none were listed. Oddly, though, when I go to websites that require saved logins, they are still available. When I tried to reimport the saved passwords in the XML file, I got the following message: "Import Complete - 0/212" followed by "Saved logins usually fail to import when the saved login already exists in the Password Manager." Additionally, when I went to "Manage Passwords", it takes me to Keychain Access, where nothing is listed. Any ideas? Thank you!

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