How to always enable Java 6 with Firefox 18

I implemented Firefox 15 with Java to be used with a particular Vendor's website. The site has no internet except for accessing this vendor's website. Several weeks ago Firefox 15 updated itself to Firefox 18 and blocklisted Java 6. I was able to unblock it, but now each time the users log into the vendor's website, Firefox prompts the user to activate Java 6. My users are nagging me to turn this activate screen off but i cannot figure out how to permanently activate Java 6 on each of these machines. The vendor is not willing to upgrade to Java 7. I have tested Java 7 with the vendor's site and of course it doesn't load. Consequently, I cannot get this machine to roll back to Java 6. Once they activate Java 6 they can use the website. I could switch back to IE8 and use Java 6 with no problem, except that IE8 has a flaw in it. I have read that I cannot install IE9 on Windows XP pro, so I am stuck with Firefox. Windows XP Pro SP3, Firefox 18, and Java 6.

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