IE is slow, Google Crashes, will Firefox work within Windows 7 with speed and security?

I'm not very tech savy so plain English please. I have a Dell Studio desktop with Intel 2 Quad Processer. I used IE for 15+ years. Started using Google Chrome for speed and better security about 6 months ago with no issues. Shortly after the first of the year Chrome starting crashing daily and as of 1/14 it was crashing 10-12 times a day. I don't like loosing stuff and having to stop, re-load or re-start or re-store which Chrome was doing more that it was working correctly.

Will Firefox work within my OS System. I've ready about your safety, password protection and the other things that are touted on your website about Firefox, but I'm mainly concerned about the crashes and what causes them. Is the problem within my own system and not the brower issues?

I simply want to surf, read, watch you tube, facebook with friends and family. I'm 65 and retired and I'm really disguested with all the problems I'm having.

I think Firefox is a good product, but I need answers to the questions I have raised.

Hope to hear from someone very soon regarding the issues I have rasied. If I download Firefox, do I need to un-install IE. I have already un=installed Chrome.

Thanks, Jim Yeary jyeary3 @ Spring TX

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