DoNOTTrackME - addon text size very very very very small... but my normal page font is perfect

Hello: I have asked the DoNotTrackMe support line this question but they did not reply..... I actualy asked twice.. so i think that there no response is = "i dont know"

So now I would like to ask firefox ASK for help:

> I use the -/+ to change font of the webpage i am looking at. I often have it quite small as i know most of hte web pages, so i can see more, meaning less or no scrolling (yipee!)

BUT problem: the Add-on DoNotTrackME has this most unusual window. Rather than all my other add-ons, these dudes have decided to pop their display window inside the current webpage being viewed... rather than pop separately (which is the norm.... yes?)

So problem is .. for me to read anything of help on their popwindow... (e.g. which companies are tracking me).. then i have to enlarge using hte zoom button s(-/+) and then zoom back out...

very very clunky...

rather i would like my pop window to font size I read. This is what happens with every other single pop window i have. And not be tired to font size of my web page.

i will include image next, so hopefully makes more sense.

can this be fixed? or nothing ffox can do, as its all add-on developer issue?

thankyou in advance

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