PRINT to PDF - how to retain links as links and images as images

I print webpages to PDF all the time. but it is not very good from fiefox for me, because of 3 reasons

1 the links on the webpage dont stay as hyperlinks in the PDF file (I test by clicking on the link in the pdf, it is blue and underlined, but does not go anywhere when clicked). This happens 100% time

2 the images dont say as images in the pdf (I test by click hold image on the iphone and if its an image, the popup will be save to image to camera roll) - this fails to happen. This happens 100% time

3 the layout is not IDENTICAL to the webpage. This happens about 50% time

so my workaround has been to 1 highlight the desired text 2 click email button (an add-on) 3 cut pasted the selected text to email 4 send to myself 5 print the email to pdf and it works...

so this is a wee clunky .... and clogs up my mailbox a little more than i desire... SO any ideas for better options.... ???

thankyou in advanced.

fyi I checked follwowing post and it did not help and in about:config I could not find any setting controlling hyperlinks images default to print selected only

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