How do I know if I am running a fake version of firefox and if I am, how do I correct this? I think I got it from but I am not sure?

I see on others' computers that they have an orange window that says firefox in the upper left hand corner but mine doesn't. And when I checked to see what version I am running, it said 18.0, yet I see questions only to version 4 and 5? I am not computer savvy so if I do have a fake version, will it be hard for me to fix? And if this is a fake version, how do I know that this is not going to the 'fake' company for support? When I try to search for something from the start page, in the center of the screen, it will not search. I have seen 2 different solutions regarding 'safe-mode' and default back to the beginning, but they both seem a little scary and I am uneasy trying either one. Is there any way you can help me get this figured out? I just got this laptop for Christmas and I am already having this problem with firefox. I play farmville on facebook everyday and my son says that is the reason I am messing up the laptop. Please help me fix this. This is my first laptop and I do not want to screw it up right away. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. Lisa

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