posted by urno1 5 years ago
Got a weird default text color while editing posts with background colors on blogspot.

I believe that is a bug since ver. 15.0.1. It's easy to replicate that weird behavior though. Just create a new post on blogspot, type in a few paragraphs, set text color and background color for some sentences, then set cursor at the end of one of the sentences with non-default text and background color, try to type in a few words, instead of getting a default black text color (move cursor from the end of the sentence one letter forward to avoid getting the text color from the prior sentence), it'll come up with a weird text color, mostly dark red.

I tried ver. 16, ver 17, and the latest ver. 18. None of them work correctly, so I have to stick to ver 15.0.1. In another word, it's all good on 15.0.1. but not ever since.

Please tell me how to fix it if it's not a bug.


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