posted by Ianola 5 years ago
Porblem migrating the profile file between Windows XP and Windows 7 64 bit

I have purchased a new Windows 7 64 bit computer. My old computer was a 32 bit Windows XP. I cannot get the new computer's Firefox version 18 to read the profile data from my old XP computer. I have renamed the old profile file to the correct name for the new computer but none of the bookmarks, passwords, add-ons etc. appear in my new computers Firefox. The correct profile file is being accessed by the new computer as I can see the modification time etc is changing when using windows explorer. Is the new computer being a 64 bit the problem or is there some way that I can get the old profile migration to work or do I just have to start again from scratch?

Will I have a similar problem with Thunderbird?

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