How to not delete emails and store on server even if read on other devices?

After installing the newest version of Firefox it now moves, deletes emails I read on AOL Mail when viewed from another device. Prior to the update, I would have all my emails on AOL Mail. I also use phone, ipod, ipad etc. to read AOL emails. The emails would remain in the inbox until I accessed them on my PC to move, delete etc. I installed the FireFox update a few days ago and suddenly the emails disappear or move to "old mail" folders etc. I don't want that. I want to be able to read AOL emails on other devices and if I delete it would only delete on that device. I have looked for the option to 'store all emails on server' checkbox to keep my PC as the 'main' location to keep emails but I cannot find that option. What is the solution? I even changed my AOL email account on my Ipad from an Imap to a POP3 to see if that would resolve. Please assist. Thanks.

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