Possible to set cache management rules by file type?

I like having a large cache thereby being able to search way back in my browsing history for web pages, and see previously clicked links no matter how long ago I clicked them, however it occurs to me that to avail myself of this benefit I also have to allow FF to cache everything else - text & javascript junk, old cookies, and hundreds of megs worth of pictures and flash bits that make the web look pretty.

I'd love a way to set expiry dates on the cache based on file types, e.g. htm/html: never delete. cookies: maybe, based on rules I set (option to add filters etc would be cool), pics & videos: a week or so, etc..

I assume this doesn't already exist as I can't find any reference to it when searching, and it's defo not natively available through the basic interface. How much work would it be to develop, and would anyone else benefit from this function?

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