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bug 769476 - sync from Mobile Firefox (smartphone or tablet) will disorganize the order of bookmarks on desktop


Normally, I've been using Firefox sync on desktops (home and at work, all running on Arch Linux and one Windows desktop) until now only, without any bigger problems. I've bought an tablet last week (Nexus 7, with Android 4.2 after update). After I installed the Mobile Firefox (version 18 was just fresh) onto the tablet, have linked via my account to the sync. After initial sync finished, I noticed first disorder of my bookmarks on my desktop, without knowing more about the source of the problem at first. Have been observing and performing various tests the last days, and have come to an conclusion, that the source of this is the Mobile Firefox on my tablet. Every time I had to restore (fortunatelly I'm performing backups of these) my bookmarks on my desktop to regain the order I want. I have to disable the sync on the Mobile Firefox in order to stop this bookmarks disorganization. Afterwards, the problem of bookmarks disorder on my desktops is gone, just until I reenable the sync on Mobile Firefox, then it gets broken again. By disorder/disorganization of bookmarks I mean this:

1. normal working status as desired when Mobile Firefox ain't synchronizing: A B C D E F

2. broken status after Mobile Firefox sync. enabled (the order may change randomly): A C E F D B

-- but on the tablet's Mobile Firefox, the bookmarks order is being held as far as I've noticed.

I've already tried to clear my entire Mobile Firefox profile, in order to get rid of all Mobile Firefox settings and bookmars, to start on the tablet with a clean shield. Haven't helped, it always breaks the bookmarks order on the desktops again once newly reconnected via sync.

Unfortunatelly, I don't have no other tablet device at hand to test in elsewhere, thus to confirm or deny, whether this is lonely problem on my table only, or a globale Mobile Firefox problem. Is this some sort of Mobile Firefox bug? Any other ideas about what to check/change in order to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

update 20130115 ---

Have just tried to enable the sync even on my smartphone (HTC Desire S, Android 2.3.6), where I used the Mobile Firefox sync before, but have disabled the sync few weeks ago (that time using ver. 17), as the Mobile Firefox started to trigger the sync very often with these new versions, and with one core CPU smarphone, it always took quite long to finish. Since then, I was forced to perform Factory Reset due to some another unrelated problem. Afterwards, new version 18 was released, I still wansn't using the sync on the smartphone. But after I opened this question, just to test it I've reenabled the sync on the smartphone (having already ver.18 installed), waited for the sync to finish on both, smartphone first, following on the desktop, and what a surprise, the bookmarks order did screw up again. Thus, it's not just my tablet affected, but smartphone is as well. Now just to differentiate, whether perhaps my sync account with my data is broken somehow, or if the Mobile Firefox sync is indeed the the reason even globaly, not just with me? But how to differentiate it?

Shall I perhaps open an bug at the ?

--- have just discovered, that bug already reported

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