No matter what page i try to open in Firefox, the page is always blank - the page loads, but always remains blank.

I downloaded the new version of Firefox yesterday, and now whenever I try to open a new page it is nothing but a blank white page. The first tab usually works, but the first tab is also the ONLY tab that I can use. If I open another page in a second tab, it will load, and at the top of the page it will say the name of the page, but it will remain a blank, white page. If I open two new tabs, I can open for example Facebook in the second tab, but Facebook will open in the first tab and the second tab will be blank. If I then close the second tab, Facebook will disappear in the first tab, and that page will be blank again. It doesn't say that the page can't load or the page can't the shown, the blank pages says nothing, they are just blank. I have tried to reinstall Firefox several times, but it didn't work.

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