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Is there a way to Configure SAP Netweaver 7.02 SP12 to display properly at least on firefox 14?


Good day, in our company we already have implemented a SAP Netweaver 7.02 SP12 but when we log into our server (Enterprise Portal) with Firefox 17.0.1 all the components are rendered badly. For example the detail navigation have been displaced to the right.

We think that could be a configuration problem. According to SAP PAM matrix, Firefox's rapid release cycle it's been supported since SP06, so we want to know what to do in order to display correctly the Enterprise Portal? is there any plugin to solve this problem?

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Hey Rafael, sorry to hear about these weird issues.

Do you think you could take a screenshot of the issues you are seeing with Enterprise Portal? If you are worried about any workplace information being seen, you can edit the screenshot by coloring over the areas you think we should not see. Since we can't login to your company portal to see the issues.

You can attach the screenshot using the Add images section below the reply box.

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Hey Noah, thanks for answer so quickly, please see the image attached to the reply. The "Detail Navigation" content appears with to much blank space on the left side (content displaced to the right).

Thanks again.

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