posted by akedm 5 years ago
I'm trying to understand SYNC. How do I know if my addons I add to one computer or another are sync'd and not deleted when syncing occurs.

Maybe the question has been answered, but I havent seen an answer in a way I understood.

I have two or three computers I regularly use. I've been with Firefox for years - probably since version 3. Over time I've downloaded old standby add-ons like the popular AdBlock Plus and FireGestures to the more recent add-ons like Pocket and Fox-To-Phone. I've tried to maintain consistency between computers for the by manually downloading the add-ons to each computer. But I havent always been consistent, especially when I download a background program like Sareaholic or something else I dont often use, I kinda download it and forget it. I may later end up realizing "oh I got such-and-such on that other computer, not this one" and so my experience with each computer is unique.

Hence, the beauty of Sync: A take-it-with-you, consistent browsing experience across the board. Am I right so far?

But now I'm confused, especially about pairing, where one computer is added to another so they become linked (ie. synced) in an effort to have the entire browsing experience consistent :

1) I think I'm going to lose addons. And whatever else I sync because Sync will treat one computer as primary when the pairing process occurs.

2) What do I pair to what? If I set up the Sync account on computer #1 and later on while sitting at computer #2 decide I want to include it in the sync account and so I initiate a pairing, is computer #2 going to lose it's addons in favor of computer #1 or is it the other way around?

I guess here's a good scenario. Lets say my computers have the following addons:

ALL COMPUTERS: AdBlock Plus, Firegestures, LastPass

      and each computer has the following addons:
      #1: AdBlock Pop Up Addon, Download Helper, Pocket, Price Blink, X-notfier
      #2: AdBlock Pop Up Addon, Pocket, Shareaholic, QuickFox Notes
      #3: Download Helper, X-notifier, Shareaholic, Fox-To-Phone

My sync account was set up on computer #1.

?? What can I expect from initially setting up syncing? ?? Once computers are linked, what can I expect when I download an addon or one computer or another?

Thank you.

- Eric