Firefox Sync causes Firefox to grow to 28MB on my Android phone. shows that I am only using 5.5MB. How to reduce space on Android?

I use Firefox Sync to sync my Firefox settings between two Windows computers, one Ubuntu computer and my Android phone. All devices are up to date with Firefox 18.0. Sync between the Windows & Ubuntu computers works very well.

Android phone details: - ARMv6 - Running Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) - Running Firefox Mobile 18.0. Note that this problem was occurring with 17.x and 17 beta as well.

My problem: On my Android phone, Firefox Mobile is using about 30MB worth of space, and the cause appears to be related to Firefox Sync.

According to I am only using 5.5 megabytes worth of space. That site says:

   "You are currently using 5583.84765625K "

If I activate Firefox Sync On my Android phone, the Firefox app will eventually grow to consume upwards of 30MB in about a months time. At one point, Firefox Beta 17 was over 35MB, twice as big as any other application on my phone. When Firefox consumes this amount of space, Android complains that "Phone storage space is getting low." and has problems. The next largest app is Google Drive, and it is significantly smaller at 17MB.

According to "Firefox Mobile: Menu: Manage Apps: Firefox", Firefox is using the following amount of space:

Total: 28.18MB Application: 1.84MB Data: 26.34MB Cache: 0MB

If I go to Firefox Settings and remove sync from the Android phone, Firefox will free up 28MB worth of space. This suggests that Firefox Sync is responsible for the bloat.

My questions:

1. Why does Firefox use 26.34MB worth of data, when says that Sync is only using 5.5MB? 2. How can I stop Firefox Mobile from using huge amounts of space?

I have been removing sync from the Android phone as a workaround, but this is not satisfactory. I would really like to be able to use Firefox sync with my Android phone without this workaround. I have tried this workaround 5 times since I started using Firefox on Android. After I reactivate Firefox Sync again, It seems that eventually the application will grow to consume huge amounts of space.

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