In site Charts@BSE is not working ( chart does not appear ) with FireFox ...where as with IE there is no problem . This problem is recent.

I am using FireFox ver 3.6.28 since long. The problem which has appeared recently (about a month or so) is that .... in site ... in Charts@BSE window the chart does not display ... Only a blank blue page is displayed in the chart area. Previously the chart was being displayed fine. This problem has started after some recent modification carried out at site .

However, with Internet Explorer (IE) there is no problem and the chart is getting displayed fine. This problem is not there with IE.

Hope the problem caused ( created by Microsoft ? ) will be fixed by FireFox at the earliest.

NB : This problem was experienced earlier instances also after modifications in both bseindia and nseindia sites and was fixed within some days by FireFox.

Thanks Laxman Mishra Bhubaneswar, India, 10th Jan 2013

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