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I have lost my bookmarks. How do i retrieve them if firefox has been reset

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John Karahalis 3 solutions 66 answers

This support website does not have a live chat feature, but I can help you through these comments.

You can absolutely get your bookmarks back. I will be sure to work with you until you do.

Before we get started, can you please clarify a couple of things?

  1. When you say you reset Firefox, do you mean you followed these steps?
  2. Did your bookmarks disappear before or after you reset Firefox?
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I will leave you in the capable hands of openjck
I had drafted a reply but not initially sent it and so I may as well post it as you may find the information of interest:

I wonder exactly what you did when you say firefox as been reset

The Firefox reset feature should preserve any bookmarks

It may hep to know what you did that resulted in the bookmarks being lost. Meanwhile I suggest that you immediately back up your Firefox profile, as that will preserve files that may include recent automated backups of your bookmarks.

Note if you do try restoring bookmarks it is worth making frequent backups of the bookmarks as attempts to restore will overwrite whatever currently exists (Unless you are importing HTML which is appended).

See also

Hopefully you will at least have a very recent automated backup of the bookmarks that you are able to restore by reading following the instructions in the above articles.

In future it may be good practice to make some bookmark backups.

Can I talk to a technician

Unfortunately Firefox does not provide a live support or telephone support service. (A live chat support service did exist, but has recently been discontinued)

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Do you still have an Old Firefox Data folder on the desktop as the result of the Firefox Reset?

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I do have an old firefox data folder on desktop

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Try to copy the places.sqlite file from the Old Firefox Data folder to the current Firefox Profile Folder and make sure to remove any other places files.

If that doesn't work then delete places.sqlite and restore the bookmarks from a JSON backup in the bookmarkbackups folder.