Since ff18 i once got a weird popup which asked about plugin activation (not click to play) is this new in ff18?

I've upgraded to ff18.

On i got a weird ff system popup (yellowish bg) asking if i wanted to activate the flash plugin (yes. not now, never). like the remember password popup options. it didn;t register completely (end of the day ^^) so i clicked never (since amazon doesn't need flash for what i use it for). but after the click i thought hey wait, wtf, i don't know this window.

Now i didn't read anything about this in the release notes. Is this part of ff18? also i cannot reproduce this on other firefox18 installs on other machines.

Now i have installed no script + request policy, but i couldn;t find anything about this in those release notes either.

also since i clicked never, i've also looked in the about:config and searched for amazon to check if i could find the config entry which stored my choise, without luck.

also if this is from firefox itself, is there a configuration option/settings key which i can use for lookiup in about:cfg?


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