posted by fredex 5 years ago
"Couldn't load XRE functions" when starting FF 18.0, Linux.

just installed FF 18.0 on Linux (Centos 5.8) where 17.0.1 has been running fine.

I always install in a local (to my login) directory, and have a desktop launcher to start it. I download each .tar.bz2 FF package to a subdir, where I unpack it, overwriting whatever was already in the firefox directory in that location.

doing that, I get the error above. so I renamed the directory and did a fresh extraction into the firefox directory that tar creates when unpacking the archive. SAME PROBLEM.

moving that directory aside and re-extracting the 17.0.1 archive yields a working Firefox.

What can I do to solve this problem?

the troubleshooting info below came from FF 17.0.1, since FF18.0 doesn't work.

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