I hope someone can help me, as I have yet to discover a solution and am still running 3.6.

Simply put, any time I try running anything over FF3.6, I cannot access "Tools > Options" from the menu bar. Any time I click "Tools" and then drag down to "options" and select it, Firefox immediately freezes and does not thaw. It just stops working, at which point I have to close it via Windows task manager.

I have done the following in terms of trying to resolve this:

1.) Everything.

Everything includes uninstalling and re-installing Firefox, Flash and Java countless times, removing any hint of anything firefox-related from my registry, created and deleted profiles, removed all plug-ins and add-ons, and even jumped down, turned around and gave the dog a bone.

I have no firewall settings or antivirus prevention blocking my ability to access this selection; as I've said, it works beautifully in 3.6 and lower. Above that, I get nothing.

I am sure this is something Windows-related, because something somewhere in my computer is basically saying "do not allow certain actions in Firefox past 3.6." I just can't figure out what it might be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. However, I must point out this issue is almost certainly going to require a very specific resolution because I literally have tried all the routine go-to fixes many times and none of them have worked. Once I was able to OPEN the options window, but anything I touched in there would again freeze the browser.

I look forward to any suggestions that can be provided.

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