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I did a reinstall of FF 17 and lost all my bookmarks, passwords, etc


FF was behaving strangely - I couldn't see images on websites. I checked all my updates and it was all good, FF was the most recent, Flashplayer was the most recent, so I restarted FF - no luck. So I restarted my Mac - I still couldn't get images when I went to websites so I decided to uninstall and reinstall FF. I have app trap and it asked if I wanted to delete all associated files when I deleted FF from my applications, I clicked yes. Then when I reinstalled FF 17 and opened it there was absolutely zero history. My trash hasn't been emptied, is there anyway I can find the files with my bookmarks, history, passwords, etc?

I'm on OS 10.7.5 and was reinstalling FF 17.0.1

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It may be that your old profile is still around in your computer.

Check this article to learn more: Recovering important data from an old profile

Best, Ibai

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Thank you, the problem is I didn't back up the profile to begin with, so I'm pretty sure the profile I find there is going to be whatever little info there is since I reinstalled and opened FF to see there was no history.

I feel if I have any chance of recovering the data it must be in the trash, but the question is what is it called and where do I put it back if I take it out of the trash? I can see lots of .sqlite files, but I'm not sure if those are what I need, or more importantly, where I put the files if I take them out of the trash.

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If you use the Time Machine then you can looks there for the lost profile.

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Hey everyone, thanks for your help. Miraculously I got everything back up and running except restoring the numerous tabs I had open when I had last quit before the uninstall, and I've lost the ability to group tabs and name them - can't remember what that function is called but I did use it all the time and it's no longer there, neither are any of my add ons or extensions.

I created a new profile and to be safe copied everything from the default profile over to that, then found all the files in the trash that looked relevant and had the date I uninstalled FF as the modify date and moved them to the new profile. So all qlist files and all the files per the recovering important data help page. And it worked! I didn't even have to go to Time Machine which I last backed up about 4 weeks ago.

I'm still having the webslingplayer (for Slingbox) has crashed / flash has crashed issue which I think was what stopped me seeing images that led me to do a reinstall in the first place. But I guess for now just trying to restart or reset FF will have to suffice and I'll not fiddle around behind the curtain anymore since the last time I did that it didn't go so well! Thanks for the help.
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After FF Reset I lost all my bookmarks and passwords. I have on my desktop a FF file, "Old FF Data". Is this file my stored info that I have presumptively lost? If so, how do I get it into my new FF Files? I have been reading all the ways to do this but it makes no sense.

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