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bbc iplayer won't in firefox but will in dolphin

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i have a tablet bbc iplayer will play in dolphin but not in firefox. i have followed the instructions onbbc and it still won,t work.

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No one has answered yet so, even though i am a newbie with smartphones I thought I would ask for a bit more information

  • Are you talking about a single device with both Firefox and Dolphin installed or are you comparing different devices ?
    • and what is the device or devices, full name and model?
  • What is the OS in use ? Android ? and what version ?
  • Which iPlayer services are you using or trying to use
    • Radio ?
    • TV : Live ? Play Again ? Downloads ?
  • are you using any methods to change the User Agent String ?
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hi john iam useing a CNM 9.7 tablet android 4.0 i was trying to watch catch up on the bbc iplayer. it works in dolphin ok but in firefox and another browser that came with the tablet it won`t work. i`ve tried the fix that bbc iplayer recomends (turn of desktop) but on good. bbc iplayer came installed on the tablet. i`ve also found that SKY GO is not supported on this device yet. hope i`ve given enough info. Ian

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(Anyone with answers/solutions feel free to jump in)

Hi Ian,
I used to be active on the iPlayer forum before it was closed down but my iPlayer knowledge is decidedly rusty as I tend to watch BBC now at home, and using Sky+ I have no need of iPlayer for Video. I only use it for radio.

I know I can use the downloads on Windows. On Ubuntu the catchup works but the iPlayer standalone and downloads now do not (that will be , I presume, down to lack of support for current Adobe AIR).

I did not really expect the catchup to work on my smartphone, but surprisingly it does, but like you not with Firefox.

I have tried clearing cookies and data, then using Phony with desktop on, but it did not help. (The BBC option to change to desktop disappeared, Phony does seem to work )

I have got the BBC media Player installed, and so I surmise the native Android browser may be utilising that, and that merely changing the UA string is insufficient to fool iPlayer when using Firefox.

Not sure what BBC advice you found, but the FAQs I looked at included:

If I come across any more info or get it working on my Firefox mobile I will update the thread. At the moment I do not seem to be of much help,


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hi john thanks for your reply. i will keep an eye on the bbc web. but for now i will watch the iplayer on my tv. ian

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Hi, I don't know if this will help but I get the BBC iplayer website working in full desktop mode on my Android tablet. I think where you are going wrong is by using the BBC iplayer app with firefox.

What I discovered is that if you open up Firefox without opening up BBC iplayer app and go straight to the BBC iplayer website, You'll will be greeted with a warning that your device is not able to support BBC iplayer (do not threat.) Just click on the Firefox browser settings (the 3 dots at the top right of the browser) then scroll down the menu to Request desktop site. It will then open the full desktop version for tablet.

You'll find the video quality will be greatly improved to the full desktop resolution. I also noticed that using the BBC iplayer app, compared to the full desktop version of iplayer, there was less video content available. Hope this has been helpful to Android tablet users.

Hope this helps

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thank you about the "3 dots at the top right of the browser) then scroll down the menu to Request desktop site." i did not known what BBC was going on about or where to find the settings. now i know. now i look can look around bbc site. but i still dose not play BBC iplayer. the program dose not show. on my htc tablet. to see a program i have to use the built in software on my table