Mozilla Maintenance Service unreliable: Firefox' about window permanently shows "Restart to Update"

Firefox' about window shows "Restart to Update" every time an update is released, as many other users already reported. After restarting the same happens again. This issue is as old as Mozilla is providing the Mozilla Maintenance Service. Completely uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling Firefox, as suggested in the KB, only works until a new update is released! This, unfortunately, already forced me to replace Firefox on all machines in my domain with Chrome half a year ago. Despite MSI deploy of Chrome, it keeps all Chrome installations up-to-date without any Admin intervention.

> This problem occurs Workgroup-PCs as well as Domain-joined-PCs on operating systems Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows 8 or the respective server equivalent.

> Sometimes, "Restart to Update" is shown when Firefox is already current, sometimes it is not current.

> The problem occurs only for ordinary Windows User Accounts (not Administrators). When logging in as Admin it says "Hooray..." and in about window it says "up to date".

> When restarting and logging in as ordinary User, it again shows "Restart to Update".

> Possibly this is caused by a permissions problem for ordinary Users to query the Mozilla Maintenance Service!?

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