How to change directory where files are placed for other applications to access?

Running ESR on Centos (RedHat) 5 & 6. Because of the way my system is set up, I would like to change where Firefox places files when they need to be accessed by another application (e.g. a .doc file). The default is to place them in /tmp, which works for most people, but does not work in my particular installation. (Some of the programs I use to read certain files are actually on a different computer, but can be started automatically from the computer I am browsing on). I need to place these files on a network directory, so the other computer can see them.

I looked in about:config, but do not find anything pointing to /tmp. I am hoping that this is one of those "add a new line to about:config" things that are assumed (based on OS), but can be changed if needed.

Thanks, Ted Miller

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