Firefox keeps "Not Responding" and freezing my computer

As of late, my Firefox browser has been freezing my entire computer. It keeps saying that it is "not responding", my mouse turns into that blue circular loading screen, I can't exit anything, I can't even open task manager, I have to take the battery out just for my computer to turn off.

I scanned everything with Norton; didn't detect anything. I even did the Norton Power Eraser, still nothing. I set Firefox to run the program as an administrator and I thought it was fixed but it wasn't.

I even update my plug-ins and for some reason, your website keeps telling me I need to update the same ones, so I can't even rely on that.

I noticed that it does happen when I'm on a Youtube page. Like when I've paused a video.

It opens fast, it browses fast, it goes to certain websites fast. It's this annoyance that has really bothered me and has considered me switching to Google Chrome.

If you don't want me to, then tell me how to fix this issue.

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