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I can't save pdf files to my hard drive - I can view them but there is no save option shown!!!!!!


I don't have a save option when I open a pdf file - this is not a downloading or viewing problem. When I open a pdf I want to be able to save it - just like I can do in internet explorer and used to be able to do in Firefox - but for some reason Firefox decided to take away this option.....arghhhhhhhh

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If the PDF file is opened in a tab then you can use "Firefox > Save Page As" to save that PDF file.

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It is in a pop up window that doesn't have any menu commands available to "save page as". It only has icons and the save icon is not one of them. Why does firefox take away such simple functionality with its upgrades???

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As far as I can see this is because when Firefox opens Adobe via the plug in it ignores the Adobe setting to use "read mode" in the browser - this removes the grey bottom toolbar in Read Mode that used to offer a very good "save as" function and if the pdf is opened in a window within a window (a daily issue on one website I use) the only option is to download the pdf with its given file name into the download folder - which menas you have to then go to the download folder, usually rename the file and transfer it manually to where you want it to go - all far more complicated than it used to be a few weeks ago.

I have Adobe Reader XI, recently upgraded, and Firefox 19.0 - also recently upgraded, running in Win 7. Adobe running by itself offers Read Mode with its grey bar and simple "save as" - but not via firefox.

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To Open and Save a PDF file to your computer in Firefox: 1. Tools 2. Options 3. Applications 4. Portable Document Format (PDF), and click on it to select it 5. In drop down box to the right, choose “Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)” 6. Click OK You should now be able to open PDF file in Firefox and hover over the bottom of the document to view gray transparent toolbar. Click on the Save a copy icon to save to your computer. Also you can always try (Shift + Ctrl + S) to save the document after it opens.

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I tried everything you said and got nowhere! I cannot save a copy of this file and I need to. I have just wasted 45 minutes going through all these steps and I don't have the time to do that. I am giving up on Firefox and going back to my aggravating Internet Explorer. At least it works for this!