Why is Mycroft Project asking JavaScript be enabled to install a search plugin?

When I try to install any of the search engine plugins from, I get the following msg: «JavaScript must be enabled to install a search plugin. If you have installed NoScript, you will need to allow this page to run scripts.»

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10, Mozilla FF 17.0.1 and JavaScript is already enabled in it. The same plugins create no whatsoever problem in Windows7, so why can't I use them in Ubuntu too?

P.S. I've noticed that all the problematic plugins (most of the good ones out there!), are all preceded by the OpenSearch "A9" icon for Mozilla FF v. 2/3. The ones preceded by the Mac Apple icon, are swiftly added to the list of search engines and give no problem at all. However, these are few in number and the ones I want, are mostly OpenSearch compatible. Any way to fix this issue?

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