posted by mchain 5 years ago
Secure startup home web page not loading in FF 17.0.1

Have set as home page.

What I get: Go to a website

What I do: click Bookmarks>Google url link


Go to a website does result in Google home page loading, but it appears to be loaded locally, not via an internet connection. Have Flagfox installed as an add-on, but this does not load until I do step 2, and only then is any activity seen in the lower left hand corner of the browser as the Google page loads.

Odd thing is, without an active internet connection, FF reports page not found error and Google is not displayed.

Note that step 3 is missing a backslash at the end of the url, even tho it is set and entered properly in Options for General>Startup.  ???

A https connection should also be green if valid, and I am not seeing that on most https sites. does show this green color, but that is the only one that seems to work for me. Clicking the lock icon does give me vendor ownership information; the others state 'unknown'. Example: "You are connected to which is run by (unknown) Verified by GeoTrust, Inc. Your connection to this website is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

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