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How to make web pages fit the screen width?


Some web pages don't fit the screen width and Firefox user (me) has to scroll horizontally, which is very annoying: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kjyubp6f3z104ku/ScreenShot021.jpg Opera user, on the other hand, just clicks on the "Fit to width" button and everything looks great again: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfsgl45f4d7uzgw/ScreenShot023.jpg

Is there a way to force web page text to wrap?

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You can use an extension to set a default font size and page zoom on web pages including fit to width.

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Thanks, but I have this add-on installed for years and the option "Auto fit to window width" has been enabled all the time and it NEVER worked for me.

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I can't believe Firefox doesn't have this basic feature built in. I wonder WHY?

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All I see here is zoom functions. I don't want a zoom in feature, nor do want a increase in text font. I just want to maximize the width of my page. imagine, having 2 or 3 inches of dead space on each side of the screen on each webpage. Even when I look at regular Internet explorer, i get the same issue. I wish Firefox could make a ruler just like in Microsoft word, to stretch out the amount of information you can have on the page. If they do have something like that, then i do apologize because I haven't seen it. Its just frustrating to see that. The information gets word wrapped and out of alignment because the text doesn't follow the page.

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Make sure that you have selected full page zoom (View > Zoom > [] Zoom Text Only).
Otherwise the full page with all elements won't be zoomed properly.

SantosHaHa 0 solutions 2 answers

Sorry, that didn't help my issue. I guess I need to describe better what I see.

                   This is what I see when browsing my pages. An area
                   just like this. Notice how my words don't extend to 
                   the whole area, just in the middle here. Like I said b
                   efore, zoom doesn't work. I've tried the no-squint
                   add-on as well and that doesn't solve my problem. I
                   need to increase the amount of items i see on the p
                   age, like a wider page, not a bigger one. I just added
                   the ruler add-on and my pages are 320x1270? I'd lik
                   e to get it to 150x1400. Thank you.
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I get EXACTALY what "SantosHaHa" posted above. (Ffox 20 Win 7 64).

Zoom doesn't help. Make things bigger or smaller, BUT THE PAGE WIDTH IS STILL CROPED!

Have had this problem for 2 years and several versions.

NOTHING seems to work.

I wander why Ffox keeps changing versions so often, with so many new problems apearing, if Netscape worked fine 15 years ago!!!!

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