posted by Andrew 5 years ago
evalInSandbox:SyntaxError: syntax error error message


Can Firefox fix the problem that its last update created with Facebook? (Started this morning). Every time I refresh a FB page, I get the following java error message:

evalInSandbox:SyntaxError: syntax error

Very annoying.

Product: Firefox Product Version: 17.0.1 Operating System: Windows XP Operating System Type (Optional) eg. (Home Premium, Professional etc..) : Professional Add-ons, extensions and/ or Plugins Installed (If applicable): Recent changes to computer (If applicable): none Issue you are having/ experiencing: evalInSandbox:SyntaxError: syntax error on various web sites incl. FB Link to screenshot of issue (Optional): Error message of issue (If applicable): evalInSandbox:SyntaxError: syntax error How frequent is this issue? extremely frequent (8-9 times while I wrote this post) How long does this occur for (If applicable)? How long have you had this issue? since last update 3 days ago

Disabling java and add-ons did not fix the issue,.

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