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How can I chose different short key in firefox?


I use firefox a lot and sometimes my hands must be very quick and I need short key I want to know is that possible to change short key to your wish in firfox? is that possible to change the right click menu short key to?

for example I want to change the short key for (copy image) that is (right click on picture and press Y)

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Are you really using Firefox 3.5? If so, thne you first need to update to Firefox 17.0.1 IMMEDIATELY (3.5 is horribly slow, outdated, and VERY VERY Insecure). Update Firefox to the latest version

After updating, tell me what exact shortcut you are trying to change.

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Right-click context menus are generated dynamically and have menu entries that depend on what kind of element you click.
If you would change such a access key then you would have to be very careful not to introduce some ambiguity.

I don't know if this extension can make such changes as I've never used it.

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I can’t believe that some firefox users think that they are so pro and looks they just discovered themselves as savior or something and always going like hey I am the king of solving problems. When guys like you Tylerdowner coming with such an answer wow you should update your software it’s the god dam old one it feels me like I am asking I am in the middle of bloody desert and I need to go to the bathroom and then you come up and say hey I have the answer you have to go to the bathroom. Please stop helping when you can’t.

Hi and Thanks to Madperson and Cor-el.
I have to thank a professional guy like you Cor-el .excellent job you well done and thanks to giving the answer to my weird questions every time. both you teaching me the knowledge that I couldn’t learn without you.

Thanks again.