posted by ChipW 5 years ago
How do I get the Tab Group names to appear above the Tabs?

At one point the names of all my Tab Groups appeared above the Tabs. That is, on every page there's a horizontal list of open Tabs. Above that there used to be a similar looking horizontal list of all Tab Groups. Now that horizontal list of Tab Groups is gone. This was useful for rearranging and re-categorizing Tabs into different Groups because I could see the whole page for any given Tab, and could move the Tab to a different Tab Group simply by clicking on the Tab and dragging to to any Group in the Tab Groups section above the Tabs section. This was usually easier than rearranging Tabs on the Tab Groups page (accessed by clicking the "Group your tabs" icon at the upper right of the display). I don't know how this feature got there or why it went away, but I liked it. How can I get this back?

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