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I cannot stay on one particular web page without getting re-routed somewhere else.


I stupidly went to a site I should not have gone to last night, and downloaded a PDF. Now when I go to one particular page, I get re-routed to other pages, like for cooking sites and other nonsense. If I go to this page (http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/) right after deleting all my history, cache, cookies, etc...it does allow me to actually stay on the page, BUT then these repeated boxes come up asking me if I want to stay on or leave the page.

This does not happen in Safari.

I'm not sure if this is a glitch or malware.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Thank you very much for your response. It turns out that the site had been attacked and was generating that horrible action.

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More Information

I have repeatedly deleted cache, cookies, history. I have also trashed all downloaded docs, including (I think) the downloaded PDF doc I am suspicious of.
I disabled the "Enable Java Script" box and that might have fixed it (the page was stable), but that is not the long-term solution I am after.

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